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About us

Standard College is a privately owned Higher Education Institution. It was established under the Federal Commercial Registration and Business license Proclamation Number 67/1997 and Federal Regulation Number 13/1997. The college was established by investors and professionals who has ample experiences in the sector. Standard College is a student-centered institution that provides high quality and dynamic business education to its students.

Our Vision

Standard College envisions being the most reputable private higher Education Institutions in terms of outstanding quality education, Research, Training & Community Development services in East Africa by 2030.

Our Mission

Standard College has the following mission to accomplish:

  • Provide quality higher education at all levels with affordable price through regular, continuing & distance education modes so as to produce competent professionals who can support the development endeavors of the country.
  • Undertake research that helps solve the socio-economic problems of the country and that can also add new values and knowledge to the society values and knowledge.
  • Render consultancy and short term training services to business, governments and non-governments organizations to help them accomplish their objectives.
  • Render various community services to fulfill social responsibilities expected of it as an academic institution.
  • Conduct quality and outcome based training to produce middle level human resource and supply to the industry.
  • Produce competent entrepreneurs who could contribute to the technology transfer endeavors of the country.
Our Values

Standard College has committed itself to promote the following organizational and individual values both at institutional level & among its staffs.

    Organizational Values

  • Organization Values
  • Individual Values

  • Individual Values

Our Team

STANDRAD COLLEGE Management Staffs

Mr Hiruy Emiru

Standard college Presidant

Mr Kebebew Garedew

Academic Vice President

Mr Getahun Wassie

Research and community Service Director

Mrs Fikir Gezahagn

Accounting and Finance Department Head

W/r Meron Hailu

-Library Head

Mr Mikias Amberbir

Registrar Head

Mr Solomon

Quality Assurance

Mr Lencho Dida

Distance Coordinator


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