Research and Community Service

Standard college is one of the higher Institutions, established in 2018 which strengthens itself with research culture and community services by creating optimum working conditions and research environments. To this end, conducting research culture indicators such as educational action research, seminars, workshops, conferences and community services have given attentions whereby quality teaching and learning are exercised ,production of capable and responsible citizens is realized and the expectation of meaningful contributions towards all-round regional and national development will be ultimately actualized. Standard college has committed initiative to promote action research and disseminating findings that contribute to the socioeconomic development of Ethiopia in general and Addis Ababa city in particular.

The College put a research culture milestone by complementing annual research symposium in 2020. This symposium brings teaching- learning activities improvement, freedom of inquiry; thought, expression and invite publications to fullest responsibility. The other research culture benchmark becomes the conference held in 2021 with a theme “Sustainable Development through Multifaceted Business Initiatives in Ethiopia”. This research-based education motivates the college for more systematic, achievable, economical, practicable and comprehensive research and community activities to attain the objectives of the college.

  • Increase opportunity for students’ access and success through educational action research, seminars and workshops, community service participation and engagements.
  • Ensure academic and operational quality and accountability through action research and community services
  • Enhance academic ,research culture, community services ,practices and applications in terms of number ,quality, and reputation
  • Strength academic seminar and workshops
  • Conduct research conference to create true research-relevant relationship
  • Encourage publication works in reputable Journals
  • Solicit external research funders by developing research proposals and searching research advertisements
  • Ensure research output address the need and concern of beneficiaries
Research Conference
Dissertation Paper